Take the stress out of ecommerce and let us be your exclusive selling partner on Amazon. As our partner, you can enjoy full brand control and maximised Amazon sales without the hassles and risks of dealing with Amazon directly.

Become a partner brand and we’ll cover the following areas:

Having skin in the game is the best way to maximise growth. We’ll buy directly from you, hold stock, and take full end to end ownership of managing FBA availability, retail pricing, promotions and logistics throughout the UK, EU, and North America.  

Managed Availability – by closely monitoring sales in both UK and EU FBA locations, we can ensure weeks’ cover is maintained to overcome short term spikes in demand.

Managing FBA Shipments – we’ll create all FBA shipments and handle all logistics (including EU FBA customs documentation).

Accurate Forecasting – we can analyse and plan around seasonal demand at category level using proprietary analysis tools.

Offer Price Management – to ensure the Buy Button is always presented in all markets we will monitor competitors daily.

Strategic Price Promotion – with your agreement, this can include deployment of vouchers, lightning deals and Prime Exclusive offers.

Creation of Bundles – our logistics team can easily handle any bespoke re-working requirements, including creating added value bundles or multi-packs of the same item.

Adding Marketing Materials – adding a leaflet in the box that encourages reviews or advising how to contact us directly for issues or complaints can cut negative reviews.

Returns Handling – a dedicated and qualified technical team sort and fully test returns and where appropriate sell as Certified Refurbished on eBay at a discount.

Voice of Customer Monitoring – an understanding of negative reviews and return reasons allows us to address issues (e.g. clarifying content) before they get picked up by Amazon.

Customer Technical Support – handling questions and issues promptly either directly or via Amazon “contact seller” allows issues to be resolved and reduces negative reviews.

Market Insight Updates – using our proprietary analysis tools we can view Amazon market share, search term growth/decline, average selling price movements etc. by country.

Listing Optimisation

  • Written content improvement with the most up-to-date and relevant search data to ensure surfacing in organic search.
  • Full translation and regionalisation by native speakers.
  • Image optimisation to present the most compelling and searched-for features with text overlay where appropriate, and full compliance with Amazon policies to drive conversion.
  • Multi-variation listing (twisters) allowing consumers to select colour, size, and bundle variants from one listing.
  • A+ content and Brand Store creation and management.
  • Uploading brand video content.
  • Creating “when bought with” offers.

PPC Advertising – a mix of proprietary bidding software and manual targeting ensures any investment on PPC is spent as efficiently as possible. This is vital during a product’s launch phase as gaining positive reviews and popularity is essential to drive organic search.

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